Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse. 

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Send this to anyone who still thinks Covid-19 is basically the same as the flu.
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Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has similar symptoms to the flu. They also spread in similar ways. So it's natural to want to compare the two. But Covid-19 is very different, in ways that make it much more dangerous. And understanding how is key to understanding why we have to take it so seriously.
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Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez Gün önce
Why would I want to watch vox
Valerie Pena
Valerie Pena 27 gün önce
Thanks for the offer but I am retired and live a couple thousand miles away. But if I hear of anyone will send them your way
Rune Thorsen
Rune Thorsen Aylar önce
Vox Good luck continuing this fear mongering after the Indian subcontinent was bypassed by this "pandemic" :)
Geve Penaflor
Geve Penaflor Aylar önce
Great presentation! Was hoping you guys would share your sources for your info/data?
Pythor Sen
Pythor Sen Aylar önce
@EternalResonance Quarantine those who are at risk so they do not get exposed to covid. We have it reversed. We are "quarantine every low riskers and let all high risk go get exposed" we have it so wrong. It should be "Give high risk people info to decide whether to get exposed or not. Low risk should not be interfered with."
Michael Beard
Michael Beard Gün önce
Thanks this proves what I've been trying to tell people in specific terms.
lmao lmfao
lmao lmfao 7 saatler önce
Covid is not even proven to exist.
Boo Kitty
Boo Kitty Gün önce
SHO PATIL Gün önce
Stay home..work +Netflix...... 💕
Angie Alexis
Angie Alexis Gün önce
Try 100,000+ by the last week in May!
Phil Pan
Phil Pan Gün önce
It's June now and this video seems so dated
Blake Miller
Blake Miller 2 gün önce
Remember those times when the virus was just in China and kids kept joking about it in school or anywhere. Take a look now! Its all over the world now.
Chris Stocks
Chris Stocks 2 gün önce
karens are punching the air right now watching this
superharryboy 3 gün önce
"It's like the flu" Yeah and a Lamborghini is like a corolla. It has four wheels, AC, seats, takes you places... yeah pretty much alike. Like a truck, also.
Daniel Bz
Daniel Bz 4 gün önce
I was holding off on this video because I knew this would scare me because this is a reality.
Lord Twigo
Lord Twigo 4 gün önce
What I hate is all of the people still thinking Covid-19 doesn’t exist and say vaccines are giving an overdose...
Michael R.
Michael R. 4 gün önce
COVID-19 Death Toll Passes 100K, Total Recoveries Approach 500K In U.S.
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares 4 gün önce
I always take it seriously
Official Swang ま
Official Swang ま 4 gün önce
i am so into this for some reason
Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson 4 gün önce
Staying indoors with the air conditioner running will INCREASE your chances of getting the virus. A doctor's advice is to get outside, increase your sun exposer to increase your D3 levels which boost your immune system. The virus doesn't replicate in temps over 86 degrees, it dies instead. It also doesn't live in high humidity. Listen to doctors, not media.
RiverSLV 5 gün önce
It’s not more dangerous than the flu
Wingnutcaseman 18 saatler önce
The Spanish Flu, maybe.
Espakuz •
Espakuz • 3 gün önce
RiverSLV ignorant as always
infinite arceus
infinite arceus 3 gün önce
@RiverSLV even if It is, we have vaccine for the flu and a lot of ppl are immune to it.
RiverSLV 4 gün önce
infinite arceus you’re a good government obeying robot, you will get a good boy star!
infinite arceus
infinite arceus 4 gün önce
It is
dohstudyitnah 5 gün önce
Surely, if we social distance, someday, some time we are going to have come back out, so what happens then? What happened to the people that already had it, like measles are they now immune or what does WHO and CDC and Fauci want us to believe. I could hug someone with measles and cannot get it, already had it. Is this the same with COVID? When will it end, surely not only because of a vaccine? I am sure people will eventually build up antibodies.
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano 5 gün önce
CCP is censoring American internet!!!!!!!!!!
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano 5 gün önce
Down with the CCP
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano 5 gün önce
Down with the CCP
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano 5 gün önce
Down with the CCP
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano 5 gün önce
Damage control by China. I'm pretty sure the censorship is all China. Google is owned by china. You tube is known to be censored by chinese. We need to make a new platform. For Americans. By Americans
Garrett Earnest
Garrett Earnest 6 gün önce
Finally someone sensible
Steven & Tracey Jiles
Thomas M.
Thomas M. 7 gün önce
How come nobody brings up the fact that there are several hundred strains of the flu? COVID-19 is one strain killing all this people! Not 100+ strains! Those number might seem small, but they’re not just numbers. They are human lives.
Ezekiel Smith
Ezekiel Smith 7 gün önce
rEd CoLoR bAd, BlUe CoLoR sAfE
A Burden
A Burden 8 gün önce
I dare you to compare it to the Spanish flu.
Espakuz •
Espakuz • 3 gün önce
A Burden Spanish Flu didn’t put quarantine until way later off and didn’t have a good health care system as we do now.
J Kelly
J Kelly 8 gün önce
The INVISIBLE RAINBOW A History of Electricity and Life Arthur Firstenberg
Don Lesage
Don Lesage 8 gün önce
Probably take this video down and update it? It’s not aging well.
Blue Blue
Blue Blue 9 gün önce
Vox is bona fide idiotic.
Aidan梁九旭 9 gün önce
its so funny we are stupidly comparing coronavirus with flu. It is like comparing neutron stars with water based on density
TwiztidcAsh 9 gün önce
PLUMBFLETCH 9 gün önce
Emmanuel Buckley
Emmanuel Buckley 9 gün önce
Mankind only know what they’ve been taught to teach or what they’ve been taught to believe
Moto Man Dan
Moto Man Dan 9 gün önce
First off, that graph at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> shows how dangerous covid-19 is not. Comparing the world wide death tolls to US death tolls and its not even half way from the flu in 2017? Sure we aren't "out of the woods" but the overall fatality is extremely low in perspective. Of course we already know its much lass fatal then the regular flu and more spreadable. Second, the reason hospitalizations are so high is because we have asked people to go to the hospital if they have flu like symptoms and general flu like symptoms are diagnosed as covid. Plenty of people get professionally diagnosed with covid even if they don't have it. Third, and this misuse of information is getting annoying but the chart at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a> showing the 1-3% covid cases worldwide compared to the .1% flu cases in the US. US would have much lower flu fatalities due to the use and access to all kinds of first world medicine. Essentially we are just joining the rest of the world in this specific disease but that doesn't make it more deadly. You spent this entire time comparing Covid to the flu just to end with "Comparing it [covid] to the flu .... is not helpful".
Daniel Knepper
Daniel Knepper 10 gün önce
It's interesting how all of the democrat-led states have the worst Covid outbreaks.
Allison Marie
Allison Marie 8 gün önce
Whats interesting is how red states have been caught fudging their numbers and have since admitted it.
Mollie Braniff
Mollie Braniff 10 gün önce
It is obvious, Covid-19 is most likely a man made virus since many other viruses act similar and it doesn’t multiply as quickly, also the government could be doing something that we can’t see since we are all in our houses or maybe they aren’t? We’ll never know
Big Red
Big Red 11 gün önce
More infectious less deadly though 🤣
、 YM
、 YM 11 gün önce
こんなに感染が早いなら とっくにインフルエンザの感染者数上回るだろ。日本では1000万人が1シーズンで感染する。それ以上感染が広がっている。
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 11 gün önce
People thinking their heroes for going to work and staying home. 😑 Smh
Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal
Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal 11 gün önce
It affects more than 1000 people people between 2000 to 3000 are affected. So they are at high risk ynf
Laurance Lin
Laurance Lin 11 gün önce
We are at war! Don’t let it get to you!
RM Finance
RM Finance 12 gün önce
Imma laugh if the cure to COVID-19 turns out to be something simple like Robitussin or some food or vitamin that's easily accessible.
Espakuz •
Espakuz • 11 gün önce
RM Finance I heard Vitamin D3 may help
Sonal Saha
Sonal Saha 12 gün önce
good job guys, kudos 🙌
Mata Mata
Mata Mata 12 gün önce
Adam Ruiz
Adam Ruiz 13 gün önce
Ok it infects faster and has a longer Incubation period that’s kinda has no big difference to be honest but that’s just people always fearing what they don’t understand
月映 12 gün önce
It's a new disease with no vaccine yet, of course people should be cautious. No, I'm not from China.
DumbshitWeaboo uttp
DumbshitWeaboo uttp 13 gün önce
But...But.....Muh tinfoil hat... :(
SomeoneDraws 420
SomeoneDraws 420 13 gün önce
*why did 11k people disliked this*
Dorito 9 gün önce
Republicans and conspiracy therorists
TheIowachannel 13 gün önce
Scooby Snacks
Scooby Snacks 13 gün önce
No school He’ll yeah
Stonecold Parkin
Stonecold Parkin 13 gün önce
Stop it
lil liz
lil liz 11 gün önce
Xerathiel vi Darquise
Xerathiel vi Darquise 13 gün önce
Asymptotic transmission hasnt been verified.
Youssef Mootassem
Youssef Mootassem 14 gün önce
Is it still 2-2.5 Ro?
Casius CBU
Casius CBU 14 gün önce
like wildfire
Ankit Varshney
Ankit Varshney 14 gün önce
You should have also talked about reinfection and immunity
jon ni
jon ni 5 gün önce
Anna Paulinov
Anna Paulinov 14 gün önce
320.434 death now.
Beta Blocker
Beta Blocker 12 gün önce
Flashstar 123
Flashstar 123 14 gün önce
Americans: Let’s go to the beach
Beta Blocker
Beta Blocker 12 gün önce
what it's like to be so gullible as to believe Vox?
Zac Burley
Zac Burley 16 gün önce
The bright side viruses contain no nucleus. Those masks aren't going to save u bytheway
Zac Burley
Zac Burley 11 gün önce
Watch a doc on how viruses work if you're gonna wear a mask u should wear gloves eye protection skin protection too right u would think that dont make sense to me
lil liz
lil liz 11 gün önce
Zac Burley if u cough it goes into the mask..
Zac Burley
Zac Burley 11 gün önce
That's what they want u to believe germs and viruses are 2 completely different things
lil liz
lil liz 11 gün önce
They will, anything helps
Vineux Rou
Vineux Rou 16 gün önce
There are thousands of flu types. The antivirus is only for certain types
Louise Fuchs
Louise Fuchs 16 gün önce
Nah, which sources do you have?
Espakuz •
Espakuz • 11 gün önce
Louise Fuchs that should be common knowledge
Mr.D. 17 gün önce
They have yet to isolate the virus. They can only test for the RNA genetic material that many of us already have. There is NO virus identified. Claiming that it is Corona virus, especially one "that we have never seen before" is without foundation. Dr. Fauci's claim of 10x more infectious and deadly is unsupportable because there are no reliable data on just how many have been exposed to whatever this is. It is all speculation, like Neil Ferguson's ridiculous computer models. People who have compromised immune systems or serious pre-existing conditions should exercise caution regarding what they allow themselves to be exposed to. Everyone should strengthen their immune system. The only effective defense against ANY virus or infectious bacteria is a strong immune system. Otherwise healthy people should be allowed to live their lives normally.
Mr.D. 15 gün önce
@Lenny Mice That only thing that matters is: what is true. Is there something that is inaccurate?
Lenny Mice
Lenny Mice 15 gün önce
You reek of David Icke.
Shoeless Joe
Shoeless Joe 17 gün önce
Thanks for making this video. I can't tell you how many discussions I've had with ignorant people online who are spreading dangerous misinformation. I presume this comes from newspapers who are craving the re-opening of the economy.
dansyn96 17 gün önce
No. The only defense we have is our immune system. Why nobody talks about that? Looks like the mainstream media doesn't want us to be healthy on our own ...
Bruh 9 gün önce
Our immune system will kinda help. But the difference between coronavirus and the flu is that most people have gotten the flu before. There immune system is used to it, unlike coronavirus where it is new and everybody that gets it will not have the same protection as the flu.
Cythekid Ccclxix
Cythekid Ccclxix 18 gün önce
Why the corona virus is only a plan to make the people afraid of standing up for their selves
Modiflied 16 gün önce
Yours 18 gün önce
too bad my dad is an old touchy person
Create The Health Balance
When will people learn? STAT HOME!!!
Bruh 9 gün önce
Modiflied you don’t know that you haven’t got it. You have probably spread it to 10s of 20s of people.
Espakuz •
Espakuz • 11 gün önce
Modiflied lucky you!
Modiflied 13 gün önce
@DumbshitWeaboo uttp i have been outside everyday since corona and still hasn't gotten it
DumbshitWeaboo uttp
DumbshitWeaboo uttp 13 gün önce
@Modiflied Well, that's good for you?
Modiflied 16 gün önce
Nah just because the government told me to doesnt mean i have to lool
LilHersh 18 gün önce
How long should we stay home? 2 years?
lil liz
lil liz 11 gün önce
Not 2 years
J K 18 gün önce
35k deaths worldwide... now we are at over 300k in mid May.
ShareThisFastDOTcom 18 gün önce
I know it has to be worse than the flu because this video starts out with a drawing, one side has red dots with lines, the other has blue. It's clear the red dots with lines are bad.
_Matthenheizer _
_Matthenheizer _ 19 gün önce
When you realize the real mortality is 0.5% and for every person with symptoms there’s up to 7 without, but let’s lock up for months - A person with respiratory and immune issues
Otto 910
Otto 910 15 gün önce
Ah yes, 90.000 casualties and counting WITH lockdown, but you're right. Let's open up. It's not like the number of deaths would be so much higher without it but hey as long as it's just Grandma.
Christopher Morales
Christopher Morales 17 gün önce
well, technically we don't even know what the "real" mortality rate is due to so many inconsistencies in global disease surveillance. Additionally, there exists very little research and metrics on the asymptomatic/presymptomatic population as an aggregate. Social distancing, contact tracing, and a robust country-wide testing strategy is our only real chance of mitigating the damage of SARS-CoV-2. - A person whose parent is immunosuppressed and a statistical analysis / infectious disease student! :)
Marlene Ontiveros
Marlene Ontiveros 19 gün önce
Hey future students I hope you are not bored in class right now!
gildog 19 gün önce
Some people now telling me covid is barely worse than flu. I'm so confused.
ya ma
ya ma 12 gün önce
Who is telling you though? Scientists?
Ellison Lars
Ellison Lars 18 gün önce
it is not nearly as bad as the flu
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez 19 gün önce
Genuine question, if corona isn’t as bad as the measles or Zika, why are they much more rare? Especially considering Zika comes from mosquitoes why aren’t we suiting up in full body suits every time we go outside at night
Faith Mertz
Faith Mertz 17 gün önce
Jonathan Dale
Jonathan Dale 19 gün önce
The corona virus is in the flu, MERS SARS the difference is the type of corona virus.. COVID 19 is pretty bad. The bright side is no one has died from the flu for the first time in history, it's being added to the COVID19 count, both are a complete different corona virus type. Two doctors I know, which one i served with, has actually told me how there's a political gain in the medical field.. The doctor im talking about isn't into politics at all.. I know his work ethnics and his since of morality. I trust what he is saying fully. Take note he does say that the COVID 19 type is dangerous however he also says that the death count on COVID 19 isn't just from that alone.
Dean Vaz
Dean Vaz 19 gün önce
Who else here is blow away by Vox's research & video making skill? 💯 for this!
parash Gajmer
parash Gajmer 19 gün önce
From the dawn of civilization human being have survived covid 19 = corona virus = flu
Christina Ginsberg
Christina Ginsberg 19 gün önce
The coronavirus is worse not the flu 😷🤢🤮🦠🦠🧪🌡🌡🌡🧼🧼🧼
Janko Bogdanovic
Janko Bogdanovic 20 gün önce
It is a flu...
Larry 25
Larry 25 20 gün önce
For all who are worried, please come to Jesus. Your fears will be over. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus is coming soon! What will you be doing for the Lord on his return? God bless all! God loves us! Read th efour gospels and lets all bare good fruit for the Lord
Dmitry Granicin
Dmitry Granicin 20 gün önce
"Social distancing" is a phenomena where a group of people deliberately separates from an individual for punitive purposes. This is not the correct term to use with the behavior we want.
Dmitry Granicin
Dmitry Granicin 13 gün önce
@Simon Lamm No, should advise to "mind your personal space".
Simon Lamm
Simon Lamm 13 gün önce
Yeah thet should use _physical_ distancing instead
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